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Have the magic as you take Be Mine Design bags with you!

These bags create a magic around it! Colorful in illustrations with soft & natural materials, you will enjoy the beauties it brings to your life with luck & grace!


Be Mine Design
woman fur bag

300 TL

Size: 30x23x3 cm

Colour: red

Material: cotton

*You have to create an order for every different product you buy.

*Orders are delivered in one week.

Soulmate Love
Be Mine Design fur bags!

With Soulmate Love bag, you are more close to your soulmate! In the myth, Isis searched for Orisis all her life with devotion and she brought him to life after his death. These bags have the symbols of protection & luck, creating an energy of love & devotion! Be Mine Design bring you the energies from heavens with luck & grace!

  • All bags are illustrated by hand.
  • Every material on the bag is handmade.
  • Material is artificial fur.

Be Mine Design


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